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BOLD. BEAUTIFUL. & BLACK: V. Bozeman makes a bold musical statement in her electrified first single, “Race Jones.”

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V. Bozeman’s message rings loud and clear in Race Jones, a record that makes a bold musical statement about race relations. With the current state of racial tensions in America, Race Jones takes an “in your face” approach, with Bozeman proudly proclaiming “I’m Black”. The lyrics (written by Cee-Lo Green) are backed by soulful melodies, jazzy horns, and electric guitar rifts while V. Bozeman’s powerful yet delicate voice masterfully shines through, making Race Jones an unforgettable and dynamic piece of art both musically and visually.

V. Bozeman is one of the two newly signed artist to the Mosley Music Group imprint, headed by Grammy Award Winning Super Producer Timbaland. In a recent interview with, Bozeman states that she plans to use her platform with MMG to inspire change. “We have to start using our voices to change the world; to fight against ignorance and most of all, hate. ‘Race Jones’ for me is a testament to this idea.”

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